Art Gallery or Home Gallery

Have you been thinking you would love to visit an art gallery but keep putting it off because you struggle to find the necessary time to visit one? Why not create your own art gallery that you love that you can view and experience every time you walk through your home or office space.  No more queues, no downtown parking to think about and no rushing around to see it all in one viewing. Let’s bring art into your home. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to come back home after a long day and feel that you’ve entered into a new space where you are free to be yourself, to relax and think clearly about your priorities? 


The Contribution of Art to a Space

The colours, shapes, lines, tones, and textures in artwork all contribute to how a room feels to the person who is engaging and experiencing it. If art is important to you, you understand how powerful it can be.   

Tell us what you like most about your favourite art piece in your home.  Why does it attract you? Is it the colour palette? The arrangement of the image or the composition? Or could it be the shape of the objects, the subject matter or even the whimsy you see in the piece?

Placing art in a particular space creates a mood or energy and viewing art consistently leads you to a whole new world, where everything is alright just the way it is, no overthinking and no judgments, just like falling in love. 

How to Claim Victory and Shift the Energy of Your Space 1

The Importance of Inspiration

Viewing art that inspires you can be seen as a moment of relief from stress and anxiety or an emergency exit when you feel like there’s just no way out of a particular situation or circumstance.  Always know that in those moments that you can turn to what takes you to your happy place. Learning to relax in a world that is wired for your constant attention is beneficial and coming home to walls that love you right back just might be the antidote to the hustle and bustle of the outside world and its daily demands.


View our roomscapes here and dream a little or a lot!

How to Claim Victory and Shift the Energy of Your Space 2

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