What is biophilic design?


You might be wondering what on earth is “biophilic” design? Well, this term is defined by the word “biophilia” which is the inherent human inclination to affiliate with nature, according to in-depth research by biophilic design experts. As studies have revealed, the human species has an innate longing to be close to nature, natural materials and natural light. This allows human beings to be more creative, productive and flourish in their set tasks or activities. Although it appears that stress and fatigue have become the order of the day in times where technology has made our workflow processes simpler, faster and seamless, there is none-the-less a way to alleviate the unwanted feelings of work overwhelm, lack of connection with work colleagues, extreme tiredness, worry, and anxiety.  Did you know that the…

Top 10 issues that make the work environment a depressing place to spend time include;


❏ Uncomfortable workspaces

❏ Irritations and distractions in the office

❏ Lack of natural light

❏ Lack of privacy and breathing space

❏ Too much clutter 

❏ Uncontrolled noise levels

❏ Room temperatures and air quality

❏ Lack of outside views or small windows

❏ Wall textures, patterns, and colors are dull and depressing

❏ The overall atmosphere of the workplace is not welcoming.

All these issues lead to a lack of drive and ambition from employees. Company productivity drops, people get sick and take time off work more frequently and unnecessarily.

So what can companies do to counteract the stresses of the built environment where people feel like they are trapped? 

Why Biophilic Design is Instantly Beneficial for the Workplace 1

Tips to create and see a boost in productivity through an enriched and meaningful designed environment:


  • Improve the lighting (natural and artificial lighting).
  • Use natural materials, textures, patterns, and colors.
  • The organization of your spaces should be human-centered more than work-centered.
  • Examine the air quality, ventilation, and thermal conditions.
  • Hire specialists; A company committed to raising the sensory experience of the built environment
  • What is the comfort level like? (furniture, views, creative visual art that offers an ongoing sense of intrigue and engagement)

And no, these are not perks for employees, these are necessities and will benefit the employer on a larger scale because it leads to more ambitious, driven and healthy team members and staff who want to work and produce results. It boosts morale and creativity. This, in turn, leads to the company generating more revenue in the long run. The use of biophilic design can create therapeutic and productive workspaces where employees feel mentally stable, comfortable, relaxed and more connected with nature and when given this opportunity they can build upon steadfast productivity making it a win win for the employer and staff members.

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