People have been drawing and viewing art on caves, rocks, and walls consistently since the beginning of time. Art was and still is a form of human expression. Do you make time regularly to stop and appreciate art wherever you are, whether it be a painting, photography, a public art piece or city sculpture?  When was the last time you stopped to really look and consider the nature of a painting or visit an art gallery?

4 Impressive Benefits of Viewing Art Consistently 1

If you’re thinking about how many times you have looked at art on your mobile device, well, that doesn’t count.

  • Develop mental toughness 

Example: Trusting the process in times of uncertainty, not looking for validation or permission from others, self-discipline, focus and consistency.

  • Become more empathetic 

Creating art is empathy, it’s the artist sharing their feelings with you, the viewer. It is also an invitation for you to share your own feelings and to restore some balance in life. For example, A facial expression, a gasp, movement or gesture from the viewer indicates a connection with the artwork.

  • Decipher complex artwork  

Example: How does it look? (Shiny, dull, neat, bright, rough, smooth and so on) Do I like this? If yes, why? If not, why? Who is the artist? Where are they from? In which year was it created? What does this suggest about the artist?

  • Develop Critical thinking as well as Socratic questioning skills such as;

 What was the artist expressing? – love, confusion, joy, anger, other worldly experiences?  What does this mean? – How is this applicable to the life you are living? – Why do you think this is important? – What was the artist’s overall message? 


What have you come to understand from viewing the art work? How do you relate to it in your own life experience? What was the artist’s personal life experience at the time the art was created?  Can you relate to the artists past life experiences?

4 Impressive Benefits of Viewing Art Consistently 2

Making artwork a part of the interior of your home a top priority during the interior design process, can inform you of the overall interior design scheme rather than just a last-minute accessory to make it seem complete. 


A well thought out and curated art collection will draw upon your visual likes and loves and will start to really showcase your personality throughout your home.  You will be amazed at how much of a difference this makes. The same applies to commercial properties. The first time I stayed in an Art Hotel for a vacation, I was sold, and I never looked back. It was like taking a daily tour in a museum, I was truly mesmerized.  


Do you love art?  Could your home be an art gallery of sorts for your personal love of colour, shape, line, texture, tone and movement? And how could this inform your day to day life as you move through your home or office space?  Imagining that…how would it make you feel seeing and experiencing well chosen art as you move through, live and relax in important areas of your home?

4 Impressive Benefits of Viewing Art Consistently 3

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