Think About Your Daily Living Experience

If your built environment is not bringing you immediate pleasure through visual beauty, form, and function, something isn’t right. If your spaces bring you down and you feel yourself losing confidence and energy, let’s make a change.


Let’s create a good habitat for you and the people that share your spaces with you. When you connect and live in a harmonious space, it shifts your life in a more peaceful and confident direction.

We connect you to nature. This is the heart of biophilic design. Biophilic design is the inherent human inclination to affiliate with nature. Be close to nature.

Surrounded yourself with natural materials and natural light. Nature serves as an inspiration to produce a healthier home and work future for you. Your design journey is managed with structured steps. We take concerns out of your headspace and make design an honest and calm experience.

Do you want…

  • To feel absolute pride and joy in your spaces?
  • Instant and luminous beauty all around you?
  • A new way to view art and design, disrupting old patterns of what you thought could be possible?

If so, let’s connect to discuss your design vision:

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Meet the Designer Behind Giga

A few snippets about me:

  • I’ve been a residential and Strata building interior designer for 19 years.
  • I once walked from the East to the West Coast of Spain. It took me 45 days!
  • In my spare time, I’m a hobbyist salsa dancer and travel enthusiast.

How I focus on you:

You’ll receive an impactful and powerful interior design experience. To ensure you get the most out of your interior design journey, I love to share, teach, and coach about the steps we take in your design process. I want your spaces to reflect a unique and positive expression of you and the people you share your spaces with.

I also commit to creating a design where you are left inspired by what is possible. Discover a new sensory experience in your newly redesigned built environment! I always design appropriately for the area where you live and for who you want to become.

Powerful design leads to both an internal and external transformation.

I encourage you to be limitless in your project vision and to create freely.
That’s where Giga comes from – extra, extra big – limitless! What you can dream, we can create.

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Are you ready to let go of feelings of overwhelm?


You’re committed to sparking the internal flame of wellbeing, adventure, and peace-of-mind.  Discover the connection between art and beauty. If you’re ready to move into a newly designed space that brings you pride, joy, and a sense of freedom, let’s connect.

We offer a complimentary phone call consultation.

We can also consult by video conference. If you’d like to meet in your space, please know we will use all current safety protocols.

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